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Dark Stag Barber SR1 Safety Razor Premium Shaving Gooming

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SR1 Safety Razor 

Do you wake up dreading your morning routine Feel like shaving is a chore Do you frequently nick your face Are you looking to go back to your roots with a traditional shave Do you just want a great safety razor The SR1 answers all of those questions.

The SR1 Safety Razor makes shaving less of a chore and spices up your routine. Every day is a different shave. You can get up every day knowing that you have an enjoyable quiet 5 mins to yourself in front of the mirror, carefully sculpting your facial hair, or going completely bare! Spend some quality time with your face and your safety razor.

If you cut the skin on your face it may be down to blunt blades, but it can also be down to the quality of the razor you use. Though the handle may be lightweight, the shaving head is heavy and durable, letting gravity do the hard work efficiently, requiring less pressure and reducing the number of cuts.


The Dark Stag SR1 Safety Razor is hand made with a nickel alloy head and accents with a beautiful wooden handle. This super durable tool guarantees no rust on the blade, whilst also making it lightweight enough for continuous, everyday use. Get rid of that disposable plastic and get a tool that you’ll grow to know and trust!

The wooden handle has been  lacquered and oiled, locking out moisture and extending the life of the razor. This accentuates the traditional look of your razor, whilst also keeping it waterproof and easy to grip in a wet environment. Perfectly balanced and reliable, what more can you ask for

This razor uses widely available traditional double edge blades, an economical, pro-environmental solution to the plastic problem of disposable razors.

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