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Australian Bodycare Retail Tea Tree Oil 30ml

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  • The 100% pure Tea Tree Oil effectively fights germs and protects the skin's natural bacterial ecology. 

  • Use tea tree oil to relieve skin irritations. You can gently apply the pure oil with a cotton swab directly on the pimple of the skin or insect bite to reduce itching and irritation and fight bacteria on the skin.

  • This special oil may be used daily as an antiseptic for cuts, grazes, cold sores, spots and pimples, athletes' feet, muscle pains, insect bites, itchy scalp, skin irritations, and much more. It is also natural, skin-friendly, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal.

  • There are 150 components in tea tree oil, all of which work together to make it soothing on the skin. Pure oil has a cleaning and calming effect on the skin, making it useful for acne and insect bites.

  • You can fill your bathtub or foot bath with a few drops of pure oil. It gives the water a freshness boost and aids in thorough skin cleansing.

What’s Included:

One Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Bottle 30ml

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