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Dark Stag Barber Buffalo Leather Strop For Polishing Razor Blades

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Dark Stag Buffalo Leather Strop

The Dark Stag Buffalo Leather Strop is the ideal tool to maintain your cut throat razor. It is made from supple buffalo leather, perfect for polishing and smoothing the blade of your cut throat razor, ensuring the ultimate close and comfortable shave. With both a coarse and fine side, this strop covers everything you need for properly caring for your cut throat straight razor. A padded handle provides comfort for the barber, and a strong reliable attachment ring will attach to a wall hook or the hooks available on most barber chairs.


You’ve purchased a high quality, beautiful razor. If you have purchased one like ours, it has likely gone through a large number of meticulous manufacturing processes. And that’s before it’s been professionally honed and whetted or stropped to obtain an impeccable edge. If you don’t maintain your razor with a leather strop, all this time and effort has been wasted.

Preferably your razor should be stropped before each us to keep the edge polished. A Buffalo Leather Strop isn’t designed to sharpen the blade itself, just to polish out imperfections on the edge of the blade. The purchase of a good leather strop and a few strokes before each use should keep your razor edge gliding effortlessly for many months.

The Dark Stag Buffalo Leather Strop covers all this and more. The beautiful buffalo leather has all of the benefits of high quality cow leather, in terms of grade and strength, with the added bonus of a beautiful, strong grain which we endeavour to preserve, and an eco-friendly tanning process, using only natural products and nothing toxic for the environment. The end result is a durable leather, which is soft and supple. The two separate sides of the Buffalo Leather Strop deal with different methods of care for your cut throat razor. The coarse side is ideal for coarse edge alignment and the fine side for fine blade edge alignment.

A fine stropping paste is advised to make stropping easier and keep the leather smooth and supple.

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