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Niquitin Mint Lozenges Nicotine Replacement Therapy - 4mg 72 Pack

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Niquitin Mint Lozenges Nicotine Replacement Therapy - 4mg 72 Pack



NiQuitin Mint 4 mg Lozenges - for an unbeatable way of quitting When trying to quit smoking the first thing noticed is an intense and uncontrolled desire for a cigarette. Start a new smoke-free life with NiQuitin Mint Lozenges. This product offers effective relief from sudden nicotine cravings and alleviates withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia headaches and nervousness. The mint-flavoured lozenges continue to work even after they are gone. Give your body the nicotine it craves by using NiQuitin Mint Lozenges at regular intervals. Place the lozenge in your mouth and from time to time move it from one side to the other until it is completely dissolved.

  • Effective and long-lasting relief: Mint-flavoured lozenges to cut down or stop smoking - continues working even after the lozenge is gone
  • Therapeutic nicotine for your body: Used at regular intervals the lozenges help you to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke or to quit altogether
  • Reduce successfully the desire for cigarettes: Alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as headaches insomnia and nervousness
  • Quit smoking for good: The 4 mg strength is ideal for people whose first smoke is within 30 minutes of waking up
  • The successful NiQuitin range makes it easier to quit smoking one day at a time - For an Unbeatable Way of Quitting combine NiQuitin Patches with NiQuitin Minis or Lozenges


Ingredients: 4mg nicotine.

Nicotine Mannitol (E421) Magnesium Stearate Sodium Alginate Xanthan Gum Potassium Bicarbonate Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous Aspartame (E951) And Peppermint Flavor.

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