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Omron BF508 Body Composition Monitor Digital Body Fat Calculating Bathroom Scale

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  • BATTERY OPERATED: The BF508 is typically powered by batteries, offering flexibility in usage. With battery operation, you can use the device in various settings without the need for a power Source, making it ideal for use at home or while travelling. It is clinically validated to provide consistent and precise measurements, giving you confidence in the data it provides.
  • USER-FRIENDLY ORIENTED: The BF508 is easy to use and straightforward. It has a sizable, readable display and simple buttons for choosing options and navigating menus. For customers of all ages, the device's user-friendly design guarantees a hassle-free experience.
  • BIA TECHNOLOGY: Using BIA technology, the BF508 measures your body composition precisely in several areas. It measures impedance or resistance experienced by your body by transmitting a harmless electrical signal through it. This data is then used to calculate your body fat percentage, body fat percentage, muscle mass, and other variables.
  • CLINICALLY VALIDATED ACCURACY: The accuracy and dependability of the Omron BF508 are rigorously tested. You can trust the data it delivers because it has been clinically shown to provide accurate and consistent measurements.
  • BMI CALCULATION: The Omron BF212 uses a standard formula to calculate the user's BMI. The BMI formula divides an individual's weight in kilograms by their height in meters squared (BMI = weight / height^2).


  • Brand: Omron Healthcare
  • Device type: Body Composition Monitor
  • Body fat (in %): Yes
  • Body mass index: Yes
  • Number of user profiles:4.00
  • Guest mode: Yes
  • Age range: 10-80 Years
  • Maximum weight capacity (kg): 150.00
  • On/Off technology: Switch
  • Model: BF508
  • Weight: Yes
  • Features: Calculate BMI, weight and body fat percentage,8 Sensor


  • Black


  • 1x BF-508 body composition monitor
  • 4x AA batteries
  • 1x Instruction manual
  • 1x Guarantee card


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