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Tena Bed Pads Super Absorbent Plus - 60 x 90cm 26 Pieces

by Tena
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Tena Bed Pads Super Absorbent Protection Plus - 60 x 90cm 26 Pieces



The soft TENA Bed Secure Zone Super is a reliable and versatile incontinence bed protection. The adult-size sheet covers mattresses chairs sofas wheelchairs and other surfaces from accidental urine loss or bed wetting. The combination of the absorbent core and waterproof back-sheet ensures leakage protection. Liquid will be absorbed into the different sections of the Secure Zone Pattern and the Super-Absorbent Micro Beads will lock it in securely. The dermatologically tested bed protection is available in different sizes and has a smooth soft surface to provide comfort while lying or sitting down on any surface.

  • Micro Beads
  • Extra protection
  • Absorbent core
  • Disposable pad for the hygienic protection of beds and chairs against accidental leakages 60 x 90 cm
  • TENA Bed Secure Zone is also ideal to use as a baby changing mat / childs bed protector / pet mats
  • Micro Beads Super-absorbent Micro Beads lock away liquids for effective leakage security. Absorbency level 2350ml
  • Absorbent core Absorbent core and waterproof back-sheet
  • TENA Bed Secure Zone is Dermatologically Tested and has a Soft surface material which is gentle to the skin
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